The Bootstrap Scholarship Foundation student outside

The Bootstrap Scholarship Foundation scholarships will be paid to the college/ university where the recipient plans to attend. The money will be used to pay for the studentís tuition, books and matriculation fees and will not be used for personal items. If for any reason the recipient does not attend the college/university, the scholarship money will be returned to the Bootstrap Scholarship Program Foundation so that scholarship money may be awarded to another applicant.

Applicants for the Bootstrap Scholarship Program Foundation scholarship must be nominated by a teacher. The teacher should submit the nomination of the student to the school counselor to complete the application with an unofficial transcript.



The Application

Bootstrap Scholarship Foundation
% Dr. Richard Johnson
P.O. Box 221604
Denver, Colorado 80222

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Applicants should be evaluated 1 – 5 with the following suggestions: 1= Poor;  2 = Fair; 
3 = Average;  4 = Excellent;  5 = Superior

  1. Application is correctly completed in full.
  2. Nomination Letter from Teacher.
  3. Letter of Recommendation.
  4. Goals After High School Graduation.
  5. Community Service and/or Work Experience.
  6. Extracurricular activities and awards.
  7. Overcoming Adversity and Future Contribution.


Bootstrap Scholarship Foundation Selection Committee


Pictured is the Bootstrap Scholarship Foundation Selection Committee (Sandra Jackson, Jeanie Johnson and Scott Allen) reviewing scholarship applications. The following students were selected to receive a thousand dollar Bootstrap Scholarship for 2015: Jeresse Gordon, Westminster High School; Tho Tran, Sheridan High School; and Christian Fritz, Aurora Gateway High School.